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Meet Founder Silva Harapetian

Silva Harapetian is an award-winning journalist Amazon Best Selling author, speaker, trailblazer and renown advocate for women. Born in Iran, Silva lived through the Iranian revolution and the devastating effects of a decade-long war. She and her family escaped terrifying religious and political persecution and immigrated to Los Angeles when she was16-years-old. Even though English was her 4th language, and despite what many said was impossible in an industry that lacked diversity and minority representation, Silva became a trailblazer as the the first Iranian Armenian-American Television Journalist in the United States.

For 25 years she worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes for some of the nation’s most prominent media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX affiliates, covering global news events with a front row seat to many of the historic events of our generation including including multiple presidential elections, 9/11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and mass shootings such as Parkland and Orlando.

In 2020, Silva launched an independent journalism platform. Her work has garnered recognition, including a Telly Award for her Documentary about the 44 day war in Armenia, and a Communicator Award for her 18 part web series documenting An Entrepreneur’s Journey.

She has also been received accolades for her online series, The Silva Harapetian Show which shins a light on marginalized and underrepresented communities and issues that are often ignored or overlooked.


The Inclusive Voices Project

Silva Harapetian has spent many years in the industry that lacked diversity and minority representation, taking a stand against discriminatory practices within the media The Inclusive Voices Project aims to amplify all voice through independent media with hopes to ultimately ignite significant reforms in hiring and pay practices for television journalists nationwide.

The Inclusive Voices digital show is a weekly digital show broadcasting from Los Angeles that will focus on issues important to diverse communities from the immigrant and under-represented lens. This one-of-a-kind live streaming experience will be delivered to viewers via multiple streaming platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube, and IG. Viewers are welcome to live tweet the show and comment on Facebook Live and on YouTube in real-time. During the broadcast, Silva may respond to viewers’ comments live on the air allowing them the opportunity to connect directly with Silva and her guest during the broadcasts.

The Inclusive Voices Project gives everyone a voice and brings communities closer across the globe, delivering expertise, and stories that you can’t find anywhere else. Telling stories of overlooked perspectives and uplift voices that must be heard. Each week, TISP reaches people across the globe through quality storytelling, experts adding context to complicated ideas, and commentary that connects us.

The critical work we do at TIVP is made possible by the contributions of individuals and institutions who believe in the shared mission of TIVP — to amplify diverse voices and create a more informed public — one that has a deeper understanding of the world around them and the people and cultures in it.

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