Hire Survivors is working to end career retaliation against survivors of sexual violence in the entertainment industry by encouraging those in positions of power to pledge to Hire Survivors and Silence Breakers. No one deserves to be punished for telling the truth. No more career retaliation. No more stolen dreams.

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Hire Survivors was founded by Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, and Weinstein Silence Breaker, Sarah Ann Masse to address the issue of career retaliation against those who have been sexually violated (survivors) and those who have shared those details publicly (silence breakers).

Sarah believes we must use our position as entertainers and creators to change the culture we live in to be more inclusive, representative, respectful, and dynamic for people of all ages, genders, races, nationalities, abilities, sexualities, and creeds.

The goal of Hire Survivors is for those in positions of power to give a fair chance (auditions, meetings, interviews, opportunities) to those who have been marginalized. By doing so we create a safer, more equitable world; better representation and inclusivity on screen and behind the camera; and encourage those who have faced sexual violence to come forward without fear of damage to their careers. We know that if survivors of sexual violence who have yet to speak up see those who have already come forward being punished for telling the truth, it will make them less likely to come forward, which saddles them with the burden of silence and makes the industry less safe for everyone. We are aware that this issue extends far beyond the entertainment industry so, as we call on our own industry to Hire Survivors, we hope everyone, across all industries, will Hire Survivors and create safer, more equitable working environments for all.

Hire Survivors has already taken many tangible actions that have directly served the survivor community including: creating a comprehensive toolkit and checklist to assist stakeholders in putting the Hire Survivors pledge into action – at every step of production – from development to release; ensuring that the Hire Survivors pledge has been widely embraced by many dedicated filmmakers and industry professionals, which has resulted in auditions, interviews, and jobs for survivors on every production Hire Survivors has consulted on; partnerships with leading organization such as Women in Film, ReFrame, The Hollywood Commission, and PAVE; and a successful awareness campaign which garnered tremendous support from industry heavy hitters who wore Hire Survivors pins to The Oscars, The WGA Awards, and during press for “She Said”. All of these achievements solidify that the work being done by Hire Survivors is needed now more than ever before.

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