Become a Grant Tank Shark

RevComm is looking for a handful of philanthropists who are ready to change the way nonprofit organizations are funded. In preparation for Grant Tank 2024, RevComm Foundation reviewed and fully vetted nonprofit applicants for the event’s fast pitch segment. We’ve identified the top four organizations who are still in their early years, but equipped with growth strategies awaiting new funding partners. During the evening, these selected agencies will pitch their mission and vision to the audience and most importantly our assembly of generous “Sharks”.

This interactive event provides nonprofit organizations with the opportunity to secure funding through a unconventional and innovative spin on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Grant Tank Sharks will commit to a tax-deductible donation amount that best fits their personal capacity and will have the opportunity to distribute their funds directly to one or all of the organizations participating in the fast pitch segment of the event.

Shark + Mini Shark
Asks and Benefits

Shark ($5,000)

At the Shark commitment level, we invite you to interactively participate throughout the evening at Grant Tank! As a Shark, you will be provided a designated seat directly in front of the nonprofit presentation area. You and the other committed Sharks will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions to each nonprofit following their pitch, as well as a final Q+A with all agencies once the pitches conclude.


  • Photo + Bio inclusion in the event program and on the event website
  • Social media shoutout
  • (2) complimentary tickets

Mini Shark ($1,000-$4,999)

At Mini Shark commitment level, you will still have the opportunity to engage with the presenting nonprofits. During the evening of Grant Tank, all Mini Sharks will be seated at a specially designated table to the side of the nonprofit presentation area. All Mini Sharks will be able to drop their questions into a fish bowl, and a RCF Board Member will selected a handful of questions for each nonprofit.


  • Name and Affiliation listed in the event program and on event website
  • Social media shoutout (group)
  • (1) complimentary ticket